Takanini and Pokeno

Care and Cuddles Guaranteed

'One to one care - we love our work' 

Looking for a groomer?  

We pride ourselves in being able to get the best out of your fur baby, we treat them as you would.  

Our grooming shops in Takanini and Pokeno are free play for the dogs before they are groomed, our shop in Takanini is hard to find but your dog will be glad you did.

It is the ideal way to pamper your dog—not all dogs enjoy being groomed but our regular customers know they have the full attention of their groomer.

All our groomers are fully trained and experienced and groom the way you want.

Every dog gets a light health check - we are not vets, but our knowledge has saved a few dogs pain and discomfort.

Address details are on Grooming Shop page.


Takanini  2998899 or 021881220

Pokeno 021764130 Liz



"The Boys"