Our Shampoo


100%  SOAP FREE All breeds, All ages. 

No SFS, No parabens, No silicone, biodegradable.

Dogworkz secret for years, all natural gentle shampoo.

We use it to whiten our active, grubby previously white customers.

It highlights all coat colours, leaving a beautiful healthy shine and soft cuddly dog.   

Bath time is fun, the shampoo is so gentle it conditions your hands as well.

We watch it killing fleas but it has not been tested for that so we cant say it does.

It can be used as often as you like, it will not strip your dogs coat, actually it's putting the oils back in.

Contents:  Purified water, Olive Oil (Certified Organic), Coconut Oil (Certified Organic),

Potassium Hydroxide (Gentle cleaner), Glycerine (thickener), Oleic Acid (Preservative). 

Vanilla Essential Oil (Certified Organic), Lavender Essential Oil (Certified Organic), Eucalyptus

Essential Oil (Certified Organic).

200ml  Just  $22.00

500ml  Just $40.00

Feel free to contact me to order.