Dogworkz has been operating for a long time, it was started 30 years ago when Anne wanted to buy expensive equipment for her new ‘show’ dog.  As most husbands do Richard said it’s too expensive so never to be defeated Anne said she would start a business using it.

Dogworkz was born, at first the challenge was overwhelming— trailers, strange dogs, stranger owners!  However there was a loan to be paid so head down rear up!!

There are stories to tell maybe a book to be written?

Liz joined mum when she left school and trained (and argued) for the next couple of years until she got her wings!!  Liz was very popular with her customers except with the lady where she forgot to unplug the extension cord and as she drove away it whipped like a snake through the lounge leaving chaos in its wake!

We eventually moved into vans and have kept evolving over the years.  At one stage we had 7 vans on the road, however after two vans being written off in a month and other not to be mentioned (maybe in the book) incidents we decided to shrink down.

Richard worked grooming dogs on the road for about 10 years and knew exactly where the best bakeries for his ‘chicken filled roll and custard pie’  could be found never forgetting a donut for Sasha his daily companion. Richard and Anne have retired, we miss all the customers and their dogs.

Our shop in Takanini is very popular, we have created a place where most of the dogs enjoy going.  There are always a few that hate being groomed, but they soon relax playing around with other dogs.  We dont crate the dogs unless they want to be away or they are bad markers i.e. marking their scent everywhere.

Our hours are from 7.20 (designed so you can drop your dogs off before going to work) through to 2.30pm.  Sometimes special arrangements can be made for later pickups.

Our Pokeno shop is being operated by Liz who wanted to be closer to her kids, she offers the same setup as Takanini.