West Highland White,

Scottish Terrier,

Wire Haired Fox Terrier,





We will either strip the coat to produce a more natural finish or clip to give a nice smart look.

You can have the face the length which suits you, as per the breed or maybe a little shorter to keep bits of dinner or water away!


We use a whitening shampoo which doesn't soften the coat too much.  These breeds can have a bit of skin irritation and we carry a medicated shampoo to help.

COST $80  + extra if very matted


Medium Breeds

(Knee high)

English Cocker

American Cocker


Mini Schnauzer



Mini Poodle

Tibettan Terriers

and any other designer dogs.



We have very different coat types to deal with, some of the cockers have massive coats which need dealing to! Normally you have feathers left to balance the size of the legs to the body but its your choice - since they act like dirt grabbers! Our spaniels have their ears clipped away on the underside (where its invisible) to help with the airflow.Their feet are kept short as well to reduce the paw marks.


The fine coat on a schnauzer takes special care to dematt especially on the lower legs as they are constantly wet and dry into mats.

The Cavoodle and Spoodle have different coats depending on genetics, the main thing is to keep them mat free and at a suitable length to maintain between grooms.


COST $80 + extra if very matted

Large Breeds 


Border Collie

Chow Chow

Siberian Husky




Springer Spaniels

(Anything with a poodle mix)


So much energy, so much coat what a mix how to keep them looking cute after they have been investigating anything and everything on their walk.

Depends on the coat type how well they cope with being left long.  Often a cute puppy look maybe about 1 1/2" is manageable.

Mostly the coat gets thick and matted around the rear and under the tummy.


Conditioning helps with the combing and the 'in between' times.  Keeping their ears cleared helps with their health.

We leave on a conditioner to help keep the coat free of matting, but it is very important to keep these dogs very regularly groomed to avoid the 'speedo' look or a double appointment to work at the knots

COST $90-$130  + extra if very matted


Big Breeds 



St Bernard


We try to comb out - often with the help of the dryer to make it easier on the dog as these are very sensitive areas.

A 'brazillian'  will take away the worst of the sensitive area


Once the coats are free of matting they enjoy the feeling of a good bath and clean coat.

We know these coats look amazing with our shine shampoo.


COST $120 + 



Less than 1" long

In a category of their own as they obviously dont have the grooming their hairy brothers do. However they can have times when their coat drops and it can take longer to remove it all.



Our dogs are treated to a warm spa bath, and a fluff dry. They get a good massage to really clean their skin.

We check their nails and treat them with an oil of they are dry.

They will shine and smell great for ages.



Small size   $55

Medium Size  $60

Large Size  $70