Terms of Trade

Welcome to our Grooming Service, I would like to take this opportunity to explain our operating procedures for our very successful mobile grooming business.

The booking process:  as bookings come in I merge them in with regular customers and put them into areas.   This takes some time and patience on all sides.  Normally I ring with a time the night before as things change and if we confirm too far ahead even one customer changing requires a big reshuffle. 

If I am delayed it could be a knotty or difficult dog, even road-works are a hassle.  Please allow a time window of  around an hour and don't cancel on the day as I won’t have time to find another booking at short notice.  There is a fee of $25 for cancelling a booking on the day.

My pricing is done on an average basis, there may be an extra charge if your dog is knotty or difficult.  If your dog is knotty I can usually comb out the knots and will work with you to do this, however if this becomes regular I will suggest some alternatives because it uncomfortable for your pet. It may take an extra appointment as a poor pooch can only stand still for so long.

I have no problem working with difficult dogs and am usually successful, of course this takes extra time and stress…

Difficult dogs are those who won’t stand still, and don't settle during the groom.  Ones who bite, usually I can settle them so they don't but there is a risk factor.    It would be very helpful to allow children a look and then ask them to move away as our customer will think its play time.


We have a special medicated shampoo we can use but as its $40 per bottle there is an extra charge of $5.    I have studied the different shampoo’s and their ingredients, I worked with an industrial chemist to fully understand how the different ingredients work.  I use a shampoo that leaves very little residue, if your dog develops dandruff  after the groom it is more likely that the brushing/rubbing will have caused this rather than there being a residue of shampoo.  If you want to discuss anything feel free to ask questions.

Over the last 20years I have learnt and extended my knowledge and am still doing so.

If your dog has fleas its unpleasant for us as they jump off the dog and onto us.  I have a natural flea rinse and this will be an extra $5 if we need to use.

Our prices reflect a grooming shop where you deliver your dog then have to come back and collect them, therefore a travel charge of $5 will be added.  This does not reflect the true costs it can take a long time to travel from job to job—but it will help.

Please be aware that stretching out a grooming appointment may mean a   longer appointment next time which may cost more.

If you are not satisfied please call us, it is no problem to sort something out, we have been keeping our customers happy for 20+yrs.


Wags and Barks,  Anne