Understanding our Bookings

It may seem strange to devote a whole page to this but it is difficult to explain to everyone individually.

At times we may not answer your mesage - its not that we dont care.  Its possible that we have mis-written down the number, couldn't get hold of you or simply didn't have time to ring you at a decent hour.

The mobile girls are completely independant and set up their own work an prices, there is often a small delay for a booking as they need to work areas together.

Their phone numbers are on the website.

Mel 021 048 0523 she is trading under the name Diamond Dogworkz

Nicola 021 132 6510  Trading under Dogworkz Mobile Grooming

Liz for the shop at 14/3 Takanini Rd WEST, Takanini 021 764 130

In the shop we keep records of when your dog may be ready for a groom and pencil them in and contact you to see if you want the appointment.

This helps as we are getting busier and its to make sure our regulars get their appointment first.