Understanding our Bookings

It may seem strange to devote a whole page to this but it is difficult to explain to everyone individually.

At times we may not answer your mesage - its not that we dont care.  Its possible that we have mis-written down the number, couldn't get hold of you or simply didn't have time to ring you at a decent hour.

Every night we have to set up a run for the next day working an area (we hope).

Next we have to ring customers to make sure our times fit in, it only takes one person to need to change times then it takes more time to reorganise plan B, I have even got to plan D before now.  

Believe me it is hard to get everyone in an area to book on the same day!!

This ringing we have to do when we get home from a day grooming, and then there are new messages to answer and then dinner.

Some nights it seems like a bigger effort than others, depending on the type of day.

It is easy to forget calls we recieve during the day - better to text then we can go back over msgs.

We have tried having a person to take care of the bookings but it didn't work as its hard to teach someone how long we will need for different breeds.  It would be so easy just to be able to give someone a time the first time we speak but since we are not running a shop its impossible.

So if we dont reply to you be patient and send a text, we really dont mean anything - we love our customers.